Outdoor Decor That Highlights Inner Self.

We believe there is more to garden decor than concrete fountains and statues!

Canada may be cold in temperatures but not in spirit! From BC mountains to Niagara region, to the Laurentians, to Nova Scotia fields overlooking the ocean: we are a country of outdoors. "Even in the Canadian weather?", you may ask. Especially in the Canadian weather! We all wait for the cold months to end and from April to October a self-respecting Canuck tries to spend as much time as possible outdoors. To this end we have a goal in mind: to make our outdoor home more beautiful!

We know there are more traditional statues and garden decorations out there but we choose to sell only the items we like. We go miles in finding and procuring them. Whether it's a bird feeder, a tiki torch, or a copper weathervane, if we carry it it means we would (or already) have it in our own garden!

Happy Garden Decorating, From our Garden to Yours!